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Are Prometheus updates free? How long will they be available?

Yes! Prometheus updates are free for all of our customers and are made available whenever a new feature is developed or a security exploit patched. You will be notified by GmodStore and your admin panel every time a new update is released.

Do you offer refunds for Prometheus?

Rarely. All information needed to install Prometheus and all requirements to use Prometheus are laid out on the Gmodstore page prior to purchase. Any refunds claimed as "Accidental" or "not fitting needs" will be denied. The license agreement for Prometheus also states "No Refunds."

If you bought Prometheus and don't have a web host to put it on, there hosts for as low as $2 a month that you can choose. Please see our Installation Requirements page to see some good alternatives.

I was banned from GmodStore. Can I still receive Prometheus updates?

No, because we do licensing through GmodStore unless you are using our automatic update feature it is not possible to receive any further updates. That is why you should keep your account and scripts to yourself.


I cannot download Prometheus... help!

If you're having issues installing Prometheus, please check the following:

  • Are you downloading from GmodStore? If you're trying to download via GmodStore (manually), double check that you have disabled Avast! if you have it installed. For some reason, Avast! marks Prometheus as a virus.
  • Are you trying to download via the automatic-updater? Please make sure you've read through our Requirements for Automatic Updating if you haven't already.
  • Are you banned from GmodStore? Then the manual download method most likely won't work.


How do I reinstall Prometheus?

To reinstall Prometheus, please remove the /cache folder from your web server and also completely wipe and reinstall your MySQL database. Once you've reinstalled MySQL go back to install.php in Prometheus (reupload it if it doesn't exist, along with the install folder) and then run the installer again.

Do you include a backdoor into Prometheus?

No, we do not include any backdoor into Prometheus nor Neutron. We strongly believe in transparency and do not have any way to gain access to your server without you directly giving us access.

Note that this means that we also cannot assist if you have deleted yourself from an admin account - in this instance, it will be necessary to either reinstall Prometheus or to run a SQL command to readd yourself. You can contact us for assistance with this.

How many sites can Prometheus be activated on?

As many as you'd like! So long as you're complying with our Terms of Service and only using it on your own community, we do not limit where or how many Prometheus installations you have. That being said, we may sometimes limit your access to Prometheus if we believe that you are acting in violation to your License Agreement, but will only do so after contacting you for clarification.

What should I do if I discover a security exploit?

Please contact us via our support center immediately. We take great consideration and care in ensuring our customers' privacy, and will work with you to discover the exploit and patch it as soon as possible.

How often does Prometheus check for licensing? What happens if the licensing server goes down?

Because we understand that sometimes our server may become overloaded by traffic requests - either naturally or as the result of a DDoS attack - * we only check Prometheus for activation every 6 hours. This means that you can use Prometheus while our servers are down up to this point. * This only applies to old Prometheus versions, the newer versions only check once unless the software changes.

If our servers by some chance are down longer, we will work our a solution and notify our customers via GmodStore.


A server owner who uses Prometheus is abusing the system / stole my money!

Prometheus is merely a donation administration tool which is used to more easily process payments and make the job easier for the administrators to focus on what matters most - their community. And while we understand that some administrators have abused our service in the past, we do not and cannot be the middleman who is in control of the business practises of a server owner.

If you are encountering a user who is abusing the Prometheus system, we highly recommend that you contact PayPal or the payment processor that you used to resolve the issue instead of contacting us.