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At Prometheus, we want to offer the very best service that we can to our customers. That's why we've created our Standards of Service, which details in depth how we manage to serve you and what you can expect us to support, and what to not support.


Here's what we will provide support for:

  • Your licensed version of Prometheus, running on your own site.
  • Installation issues.
  • PHP errors which appear when you attempt to install or run Prometheus.
  • Licensing issues that occur when attempting to use Prometheus.
  • Questions about the functionality of Prometheus (example: how do I make a global package?)
  • Suggestions about future Prometheus features.
  • Any other issues related to Prometheus itself, including security questions.

Here's what we will not provide support for:

  • Your cracked/non-licensed version of Prometheus.
  • MySQL issues (these must be resolved by your host).
  • Fixing your host to be able to use Prometheus.
  • Step-by-step installation of Prometheus by one of our technicians.
  • Modified versions of Prometheus (both code and theme).
  • Outdated versions of Prometheus.

We will provide a response within 3 days, but usually we respond within the hour.


Our average response time is less than two hours but, depending on the nature of your request, it may take up to five business days for your issue to be addressed. Our technicians will work to keep you updated on your request's progress.

Prometheus requires you to be using the latest version of our software to be guaranteed support and compatibility. We refuse the right to provide support to previous versions of our software. This is to minimise diagnostic and support times that would require us to potentially address an issue that's already resolved in a later release. Keeping your Prometheus installation up-to-date is also in your best interest from a security and performance standpoint.

Prometheus does not support modified versions of our software. Our only solution will be to revert to an unmodified state if a modification you have created is causing an issue.

In some circumstances, your server's issues will impact our software's ability to run properly. Prometheus cannot make adjustments to your server hosting environment to bring it to acceptable standards. If it is discovered that your host is not compatible with Prometheus, our only solution would be to recommend an alternate host to you.

Our technicians often need access to your community's MySQL database or FTP to diagnose a support issue. If you do not provide such access: support may be limited.

Our technical support is designed to assist you with the built-in functionality of our software or to address problems running our software in a usual manner in a hosting environment that is the norm for the majority of web hosting providers. MySQL database management, code customizations, and web host assistance are not supported.