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ULX rank giving based on current rank

Pointshop 1 points based on amount spent

Pointshop 2 points based on amount spent

DarkRP money based on amount spent

In step 1 enable "custom price" and set the minimum to whatever you want. Also select "Permanent package" and "Buyable more than once if already active".

In step 2 you want to go to "Custom action" and use the following code, modify the modifier to your liking:

local modifier = 100 Prometheus.Temp.Ply:AddMoney(Prometheus.Temp.MoneySpent * modifier)

This would give the user 100 darkrp money for every $1 or €1 or whatever other currency you have. Meaning they can buy as much as they want. Modify the modifier to match how you want it to work.