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Web Modifications


This is a brief overview for some of the supported web modifications to Prometheus. This follows all of the rules of the modifications page.

If you'd like to submit a modification to us and have it added to the Wiki, please feel free to submit a ticket or contact us on the Prometheus Discord.

Adding a tab to the navigation bar

To add a tab to the navigation bar please follow the below steps.

  • Go the inc folder and find header.php
  • Create a new line after line 268
  • Paste the following line onto line 269(which should be empty):
    • <li class="nav-item"> <a class="nav-link" href="https://yourdomain.tld/somelink"></i> LINK NAME</a> </li>
  • Modify "https://yourdomain.tld/somelink" into the link that you'd like the button to go to.
  • Replace LINK NAME with the text that you'd like the button to say.

Changing the Favicon

  • Go to
  • Upload your image and convert it to an ico file named favicon.ico.
  • Replace the favicon.ico in your main Prometheus directory with the one you created.
  • Clear your website cache(Admin -> General Settings)
  • You may also have to clear your local cache