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Main Menu

Buy Prometheus
Buy the best donation system now!
Translate Prometheus
Prometheus is multi-lingual, and allows translating into nearly all languages.
Check out NeutronAdmin
If you like Prometheus, check out our admin panel, Neutron!
Contact Support
Having trouble with Prometheus? Get support (for free) via our support center.

About PrometheusIPN

PrometheusIPN is a Garry's Mod donation system. It is available for purchase on GmodStore. There's a link on the right hand side and below. PrometheusIPN is still work-in-progress which means it is not at a 'feature complete' state from a developer stand-point.

Prometheus IPN provides you, as a server owner, the tools you need to manage your donations in an easy and simple way. With Prometheus you no longer need to worry about manually giving your users the donator benefits they purchase, Prometheus does it for you!


General FAQ
Learn about Prometheus including our refund policy and security
How to deal with users charging back on Prometheus
Standards of Service
The level of service we promise to provide for Prometheus
About This Wiki
Information about this wiki & credits
Modding Prometheus
Information regarding modding of Prometheus


What you need in order to be able to run Prometheus
Compatible Hosts
Paid & free hosts guaranteed to work with Prometheus
How to install the web part of Prometheus to your webserver
Lua prerequisites
Things that you need to do in order to prepare Prometheus for installation on your gameserver
How to install the Lua part of Prometheus to your gameserver
If something is going wrong with Prometheus, read this


How to add a server to your Prometheus installation
How to add and configure a package which users can buy for your gameserver
Helpful package actions
Helpful custom actions
How to add a credit package which users can buy to use on your store
How to manually assign a user a package
Web Modifications
A small file of web modifications for Prometheus


Custom job
Configuring custom jobs / how they work
SourceMod(NOT SUPPORTED) (Sourcebans 2.0 alpha ONLY)
Configuring SourceMod integratoin / how it works


How to learn more about your users and transactions on Prometheus, via your Dashboard Statistics
How to create a sale on Prometheus so that packages are available at a discounted rate
How to manage the users whom are registered on your Prometheus installation, and view previous transactions made
How to update Prometheus to its latest version, either using our automatic installer or manually


Information about the settings that are available via Prometheus
Ingame notifications


Payment Gateways
Payment Gateways
Teamspeak 3
Teamspeak 3 Integration
Prometheus API