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If you have any issues with Prometheus you should always read this article first:


MySQL not connecting / "Server has failed connecting to the database. Please contact the owner!"

  • Make sure you have MySQL remote connections enabled on your webhost's controlpanel, and your GMod server's IP whitelisted. In case you haven't done so already, you need to make sure that you have installed your Tmysql/MySQLOO module correctly.
  • You can see exactly what is going wrong by checking your console and seeing what happens when the first player joins after the server restarts. All Prometheus error messages will have [Prometheus] DB connection error before the error.
  • If issues persist after trying these troubleshooting options, please contact support.

"Access denied for user 'X'@'XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX' (using password: YES)"

  • You have either entered your MySQL username and password wrong in your config file, or permission is not allowed for the IP address that is connecting.
  • If this message appears, make sure that remote connections are allowed from your website's control panel.

"MySQL Server has gone away"

  • Set your refreshrate in your lua config to 15 seconds or less. Your MySQL server does not allow any connections that last longer than 15 seconds most likely, so it's timing out before its hitting the default 40.
  • To fix this run these two commands in your MySQL (If you can't, get your host to do it):
 SET @@GLOBAL.wait_timeout=300;
 SET @@LOCAL.wait_timeout=300;

"Lost connection to MySQL server during query"

  • Your MySQL server has too low read timeout values for the connection distance/speed between your MySQL server and your GMod server.
  • To fix this run these two commands in your MySQL (If you can't, get your host to do it):
 SET @@local.net_read_timeout=300;
 SET @@global.net_read_timeout=300;

"Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket /tmp/mysql.sock"

  • Use "" instead of "localhost" as the hostname.
  • Keep in mind that can be used when the the MySQL server is on the same exact machine as the server trying to connect to it(Gmod server or web server).
  • If they aren't on the same machine you will have to use the public IP of the MySQL server and enable remote connections on the MySQL server.

I do not receive the test message on my server

  • Enable the launch parameter -condebug on your server unless you are using TCAdmin 2.0 already.
  • If you are using TCAdmin2 (or any web-console), view your server console upon starting your server and look for anything that starts with [Prometheus]. CTRL+F is your friend so that you can find it more quickly.
  • If you are using -condebug, search for the same thing as if you were using TCAdmin2, but instead search the console.log file within your GMod servers "Garrysmod" directory

I do receive the test message, but don't get the items in my server

This can mean one of two things:

  • Your IPN url in General Settings -> Payment Gateways -> PayPal is wrong.
  • Your ServerID in your prometheus lua config is wrong. Make sure it's correct(Edit a server to find out its ID)

Check your server console for any errors that might give you a hint of what the error is.

If there are no errors there, also check the ipn_errors.log file for errors and contact support.

Not getting any items on my server, and nothing appearing in the transaction log of Prometheus
  • You have not set up your Prometheus properly following this installation tutorial. Your PayPal is receiving the money, but is not sending a pingback message to your webserver.


  • Your system is failing at the red arrow (Inbetween PayPal and your installation). You need to set your IPN URL in PayPal itself. See the installation tutorial link above.
Not getting any items on my server, but something appearing in the transaction log of Prometheus
  • Your serverID is most likely incorrect in your lua config. To find your actual serverID go to Admin-> Servers and edit a server to see the ID.


!donate menu doesn't have packages I created

  • The !donate menu ONLY shows the packages you have purchased or that ave been assigned to you.

!donate menu only shows 'Server has failed connecting to the database! Please contact the owner.'

  • Check your server console for a message from Prometheus, after reading it consult 'WEB AND LUA ERRORS' portion of this page.

The DONATE button in !donate menu does nothing

  • You have your steam overlay disabled. Go to your steam settings - In-Game - check "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game".

The DONATE button in !donate menu opens wrong site

  • Edit the prometheus_client_config.lua config and set the link to your site.


Cannot log in, after steam sends back without logging in.

  • If you are using HTTPS on your website you need to make sure $using_ssl is set to true in config.php

Parse error unexpected '['

  • You do not have the latest PHP 5.4 version or greater installed on your webserver. If this is the case, you need to update your PHP version from your website control panel. If 5.4+ is not available, contact your webhost's support team and request that they update it for you.

When logging in, "An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #XX.XXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXX"

  • This is an issue with Steam. Please wait and it should resolve itself eventually. Please do not contact NMScripts support as there is nothing we can do about this.

500 Internal server error

  • Give the 'cache' folder 777 recursive permissions as specified in the web installation. If that doesn't work, please create a ticket containing your PHP error log.

Permanent packages don't get assigned, the test message doesn't send either! Help!

  • This is due to your MySQL server not accepting invalid dates, this will only be an issue up until version 2.0.
  • To fix this, run the following MySQL query:
  • Make sure to set this SQL_MODE in your MySQL config file too if you have access to it.

Packages are not given after people pay on PayPal