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  • Sourcemod support has been discontinued. Prometheus staff will provide no assistance/support with setting up Sourcemod or making packages in Prometheus that involve Sourcemod.


  • Drag and drop the addons folder to your game's root directory.
  • Restart the server.


Once the plugin has been loaded, it will automatically generate "Prometheus.cfg" in your <game>/cfg/sourcemod/ folder. Edit it to your liking.

  • sm_prometheus_message
    • You have the option to use these three arguments. PLAYER_NAME for the donator's steam name, PACKAGE_NAME for the title of the package that they bought, and DONATION_AMOUNT for how much they donated (ex: 9.99). Furthermore, you can add color to the broadcast message (Colors do not work on CS:GO!). The full list of color tags can be found here: [1] Example: {fullred}[Prometheus] {haunted}PLAYER_NAME {honeydew}has donated {haunted}$DONATION_AMOUNT{honeydew} and receives {haunted}PACKAGE_NAME{honeydew}! Thank you!
  • sm_prometheus_checkinterval
    • This CVAR specifies the time in seconds in which the plugin checks to see if the donator's ranks have expired. For example, every 600 seconds (10 minutes) it checks all users who have donated to see if their rank has expired.
  • sm_prometheus_mode
    • This CVAR tells the plugin where (and how) to store the donator. There are three options:
      • Mode 1: Store the player in admins.cfg (Flatfile).
      • Mode 2: Store the player in the admins MySQL database (MySQL).
      • Mode 3: Store the player in the Sourcebans admin database (Sourcebans).


  • You will need to ensure that your "admin-flatfile.smx" plugin exists in addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.
  • Edit addons/sourcemod/configs/admins.cfg file and make sure that it has "Admins" on the first line, a { on the second line, and a } on the last line.


  • Make sure your MySQL database is set up properly in addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg
    • Prometheus uses the "default" connection info, however if you do not want this plugin to use the "default" connection info, add an aditional one and name it "prometheus".
  • Update your admin tables! Move addons/sourcemod/plugins/disabled/sql-admin-manager.smx to your plugins folder.
  • Restart the server, and run the command "sm_create_adm_tables" from your server console. For MySQL, your database must have CREATE and ALTER permissions.
  • Ensure that you are using "admin-sql-threaded.smx" in your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.
    • If it is not present, it should be in the addons/sourcemod/plugins/disabled/ folder.


  • This mode only works with Sourcebans 2.0 Alpha. [2]
  • Ensure that you are using the sb_admins.smx plugin (which comes with Sourcebans).

Support & Suggestions

Support Page: [3]

You can leave suggestions for Prometheus - Sourcemod on ScriptFodder [4] or leave a comment on Nanochip³'s steam page: [5]