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Prometheus offers the capability of being able to assign a usergroup and a channel to a user on your own Teamspeak3 server provided that you configure it properly. Please note that our Teamspeak 3 Integration is more advanced than the other package types and as such is not recommended if you do not understand what this guide is detailing.

Finding the necessary information

Download this theme for teamspeak 3 to be able to see some of the information you need later on.

You will now have an extended view of channels and users like this:

  • User


  • Channel


Setting up the integration

The settings you need to set are the following:

  • Server query username This is usually "Serveradmin"
  • Server query password This is usually given to you when you first create your Teamspeak server
  • Query port This is by default 10011, but can differ. Ask your host if you did not set up your own Teamspeak server
  • Virtual server id If you set up your Teamspeak yourself, this is 1. If not ask your host
  • Server IP You know this one
  • Server Port By default 9987, if not it's after the : in your IP

Finding server id

Download the program called YaTQA (Yet another Teamspeak Query Admin)

Sign in through YaTQA and go to "Servers".


Setting up your action


If you want to assign a server group to a user you could tick that action and input for example Server Admin

If you want the user to be able to get one channel, you can enable that action and input the following:

  • Channel ID of parent channel e.g as shown above next to "Private Channels" there is a small number like 610. This is the channel ID
  • Group ID of server rank, as shown on the picture below: