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Payment Gateways

Current payment gateways:

  • PayPal
  • Paymentwall
  • Stripe
  • Credits (Purchased using any of the previously listed Payment Gateways)
  • Visit your Paypal account(Both sandbox and not sandbox) at this link. Go to "My selling tools" and find "Instant Payment Notification". Set the URL to the same as your Prometheus' IPN URL(Admin->General Settings->Payment Gateways->PayPal) and activate IPN URL on Paypal.

Like the following:



  • Test your system with PayPal Sandbox and if everything works fine turn off sandbox and you're good to go :)

In order to use paymentwall you need to modify a few things on your PaymentWall controlpanel:


You need to add four custom pingback parameters

  • goodstype -> own
  • price -> own
  • cur -> own
  • coupon -> own - THIS ONE IS NEW AS OF 1.6.2

You also need to set your pingback url to

The secret key and project keys are found on your Paymentwall "My projects" page. Review key should be left blank and widget key is by default p10

Now submit your project for review and hope that they accept you and don't tell you that I haven't set up some user API bullshit they want to enforce.


Credits is a virtual currency within Prometheus. The only setting you'll be able to set in the credits options is the ability to only use credits as payment for packages / raffles.


The first thing you need to do is sign in to your Stripe account. Now make sure your account is set to live, and properly set up. Now you want to go to API Keys on the left hand side, make sure test data is not active.

Retrieve your live secret key and your live publishable key

Stripe new 1.png

Next up we need to set up your webhooks so that Stripe knows where to tell you about purchases. Go to Developers -> Webhooks

Stripe new 2.png

The endpoint URL has to be your prometheus installation URL with /stripe.php added to it. So if your Prometheus main page is then the endpoint URL should be: The only event we want Stripe to send is checkout.session.completed. Once you've selected these values you can add the endpoint.

Next up is retrieving your webhook secret (signing secret) from Stripe. You find it here:

Stripe new 3.png

All these keys need to be copied to Prometheus' Payment Gateways -> Stripe settings.

API Key is the secret key, publishable key is the publishable key. Webhook secret is a key that Stripe requires you to have in order to send you secure data.

Stripe new 4.png